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Puppies are carefully planned and it's best to start the conversation with us as soon as you begin to think you might be interested in a Pyr Shep. However, pups are matched with the prospective homes that seem best suited for each pup, so your wait might be very long or very short, depending on where your primary interests tend and the particulars of each litter and each pup.  


Young adults and retired champions are sometimes available as well. Also feel free to inquire about rehomes and rescues. We always have our ear to the ground for Pyr Sheps in need.


All pups are sold on on written contract, with guarantee against health defects. Parents are health tested for eye and heart issues, hips, patellas and other orthepedic issues. Because we've been breeding so long, we have the experiential basis for informed evaluation of disease risk for problems such as epilepsy that have no direct test and thus need to be evaluated via pedigree.


Every effort is made to maximize the likelihood that each pup will live a long, healthy, happy, productive life! And we look forward to hearing from you along the way as you help your pup to grow and develop and reach full potential on whichever paths you follow!






















We breed dogs of both varieies -Rough-Faced and Smooth-Faced, and all colors.

Cropped or uncropped ears, docked, long or natural stubails.


For questions or to inquire about availability, call or text Patricia at 440-478-5292 or email her at or






















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